The Grandview Heights Public Library is one of only 13 libraries in the nation to earn a five-star rating from Library Journal for 10 consecutive years.

The journal again ranked Grandview as one of the nation's best libraries in its annual Index of Public Library Service.

"We're extremely honored by this recognition," Grandview library Director Ryan McDonnell said. "It's due in large part to the strong community partnerships we have with the city, the school district and our other local partners.

"It shows how much the residents in our community support and value their public library and that we continue to be a great investment for our community," he said.

"To be one of only 13 libraries to get a five-star rating all 10 years the index has been in place is an incredible honor," said Canaan Faulkner, the library's public relations manager.

"What's amazing is that Worthington has also earned a five-star rating each year," he said. "To have two of the 13 libraries right here in central Ohio says a lot about the quality of libraries in our community."

Even a one-star rating means the Library Journal considers a library an outstanding institution, Faulkner said.

"To get one or two or three or four stars would be a great honor," he said. "To get five stars, and for 10 years straight, is a major thrill."

That honor doesn't get old, McDonnell said.

"It's always exciting for our staff and our volunteers who work really hard," he said. "I think they appreciate the recognition."

Over the 10 editions of the index, 606 public libraries have received a starred rating at least once and 69 have received stars each year.

This year's index evaluated 7,409 public libraries across the country.

A total of 259 libraries received a starred rating and 85 earned five stars.

The ratings are based on 2015 data from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, including circulation of physical and digital materials, number of visits, program attendance and internet usage, each per capita.

"Our five-star rating shows the level of support we receive from the community," Faulkner said. "Over and over, we are grateful for that support. It shows that we are providing the kind of programs and services the residents in our community want from their library."

The Grandview Library was evaluated in a category of libraries with annual operating expenditures between $1 million and $4.9 million.

In addition to Grandview and Worthington, other central Ohio libraries that earned star ratings are Bexley, Columbus, Upper Arlington, Wagnalls Memorial and Westerville.