Although we missed National Cookie Day on Dec. 4, ThisWeek staff members have been thinking about our favorite holiday cookies as we count down the days until Christmas.

Some of our editors, designers and reporters agreed to share their favorites, and we want you to do the same. Respond with your favorite holiday treat in the comments section or on social media via Facebook  and Twitter.

Our favorites:

Abby Armbruster, page designer: It's a tough choice for me between the traditional cut-out sugar cookie (for nostalgia's sake) and my new favorite, the ginger cookie. It's softer than a typical ginger snap or gingerbread man but has all the aromatics of the holidays.

Lee Cochran, managing editor: Gingerbread. No other cookie need apply.

Kevin Corvo, news reporter: My favorite cookie is a pizzelle, an Italian cookie made with anise oil, along with copious amounts of butter and sugar. Lemon flavoring is sometimes used, or chocolate in place of anise. The cookie, made properly, is paper thin and resembles a flat waffle. (Store-bought tend to be fluffier).

Frank DiRenna, sports reporter: Not a cookie, but a favorite holiday season delicacy is Italian struffoli honey balls. Fried dough dipped in honey. Out of this world. If forced to choose a cookie, can’t beat a good frosted gingerbread cookie.

Patrick Dolan, sports copy editor: Peanut-butter Hershey Kiss cookies! (Editor's note: These also are known as peanut-butter blossoms.)

Scott Hummel, assistant managing editor, digital: Seven-layer bars are the best – not the kit boxes but real, made-from-scratch bars. I love coconut anyway, but add it to walnuts (not pecans or peanuts), chocolate and butterscotch chips, graham-cracker crumbs and sweetened-condensed milk, and it's pure bliss. In case you're wondering what the seventh layer is, I guess it's butter. Apparently, enough of it is used to warrant being called a layer. Don't tell my doctor I like those, OK?

Marla K. Kuhlman, news reporter: For me, it's not just about the cookie itself. It's all about the fun and time you spend with family and friends making the Christmas cookies and candy. A favorite is the cut-out cookie, because of all the variety you can have with the different shapes and sizes, icing colors and sprinkles.

Lisa Proctor, community editor: My favorite Christmas cookie is a soft sugar cookie. It's more cake-like than the cut-out sugar cookie recipes and it's flavored with lemon extract. Green and red sprinkles decorate the top. They were the cookies I always set out for Santa Claus and they remain the cookies that say "Christmas" for me.

Gary Seman Jr., news reporter: Hard to respond because I don't eat sweets. But my mom makes these incredible almond cookies, kind of shaped like a crescent, with powdered sugar on top. I think it's maybe Sicilian in origin? Don't know if it's technically a Christmas cookie but that's when she makes them.

Sarah Sole, news reporter: I'm with Lee here: gingerbread. Second is iced bonbons with cherry filling.

Neil Thompson, assignment editor: My favorite Christmas cookie definitely has to be peanut-butter-cup cookies. They are so delightfully simple, but they are the perfect intersection of three of my favorite treats: chocolate, cookie dough and peanut butter.

Sandy Wallace, assistant managing editor, news: Well, while it's hard to beat a chocolate-chip cookie at any time, I have to say my favorite cookie to make (and eat!) at Christmas is my great-grandmother's recipe for orange-ginger cookies – crispy and a little delicate, but with great flavor. And they're good dunkers in milk, coffee or tea. But what I enjoy most is feeling connected to three other generations of cooks in my family who have baked the same cookies year after year and remembering my great-grandma, my grandma and my mom. Sweet memories all around!

What's your favorite Christmas cookie?
Seriously, we want to know!

— ThisWeekNEWS (@ThisWeekNews) December 11, 2017