A soon-to-be Berlin Bear's artwork will be immortalized as a logo for Olentangy's newest high school.

The Olentangy Local School District on Dec. 7 announced Kali Bateman, an eighth-grader at Berkshire Middle School, had designed the winning entry in the contest to create Berlin High School's logo. The district's fourth high school is set to open for the 2018-19 school year on Berlin Station Road in Berlin Township.

Berlin Principal Todd Spinner said about 15 future Berlin students submitted designs for the contest this fall. Their peers were allowed to vote for their three favorites, then select a winner from among three finalists.

Spinner said Kali's design won out after about 1,000 future Bears cast their votes. He said he counts himself among the fans of Kali's work.

"I really like it," he said. "The interlocking O.B. (design) is my favorite."

The winning design features a bear's growling head poking through a block O. A block B and a flag reading Bears sit in front of the block O.

Spinner said Kali will have the opportunity to work with professionals from Varsity Brands to put some "finishing touches" on the logo, which will be painted on a prominent spot inside the new school.

Olentangy Superintendent Mark Raiff said it's a district tradition to put students' artistic abilities to good use whenever possible.

"Every time when we've opened a new high school, we've done a contest and asked students to create the official school logo," he said.

Raiff said additional Berlin logos have been designed by professionals for use on the high school's athletic uniforms and merchandise.

Winning the district's logo-design contest may be an initial step toward a career for Kali. The eighth-grader said she hopes to study digital design and one day work for Disney.