This year Jackson Township Fire Department is the recipient of the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation Safety Intervention Grant.

The purpose of the Safety Intervention Grant program is to gather information about the measurable effectiveness of workplace safety interventions, so the results can be shared with Ohio employers. The program is available to any Ohio state-fund or public employer who wishes to purchase equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses associated with a task or operation.

The program is designed to work and partner with Ohio employers to establish safety intervention best practices for accident and injury prevention.

With the grant, private and public employers are eligible for a 3-to-1 matching grant, up to a maximum grant award of $40,000 for each eligibility cycle. This means the OBWC gives $3 for every $1 the employer contributes.

The OBWC grant received was $35,420.48, with Jackson Township's portion being $10,306.83.

The grant funds are to be used to purchase safety equipment that will reduce or limit workers' compensation exposure.

With this in mind, the fire department will purchase a Stryker Power Cot and loading system for Medic 204 with the grant.

The battery-operated systems allow medics to lift and lower patients to ambulances with the touch of a button, allowing for safer patient transport and minimizing the risks of back injuries to paramedics and EMTs.

Our goal is to outfit each of our frontline medic vehicles with Stryker Power Cots and loading systems to better serve our community safely.

William Dolby is a Jackson Township Division of Fire EMS captain.