We're halfway through Vlogmas (which I talked about last week), and I am impressed with myself that I've stuck with the (nearly) daily videos. Most cooking videos take hours to film, but Vlogmas is not designed for that amount of time to be invested in the videos. I've had to adapt how I normally would record an instructional video and cut that time down so I could make dinner and eat it all within an hour.

More importantly, the bonus of participating in Vlogmas is that it’s forcing me to cook on a nightly basis. I know I'm a good cook and baker, but still it isn't second nature for me to plan meals and make a different dish every night. But I have to admit it is nice to come home, have all the ingredients and know exactly what will be made for dinner.

Here’s another unexpected perk from making the videos: Going out to dinner is a way more exciting venture than it was before. If my husband and I decide on going to a restaurant, we know there has to be a good reason for it, and I enjoy it more than I used to, when we would go out to eat more frequently.

As the month is pressing on, I am doing what I can to find quick recipes to be made on weeknights. If you have any suggestions, send them my way.

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