Construction, development and outsourcing 911 dispatching services were among the top 2017 stories in Prairie Township;

Outsourcing services -- Prairie Township trustees agreed to outsource 911 dispatching services for its fire department to Grove City. A three-year deal reached in June went into effect in December. That means Grove City will provide dispatching service for Prairie and Scioto townships as well as the Jackson and Pleasant township fire departments

On the development front -- The Buckeye Community Hope Foundation announced plans in February to develop Prairie Place, a 35-unit building at Stiles and Mix avenues for residents age 55 and older. Prairie Township also took steps to establish an overlay district to guide redevelopment along the Broad Street corridor.

Cash for construction -- The South-Western City Schools district plans to ask voters in November 2018 to approve a bond issue to help pay for several construction projects. Officials began working with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission on planning for the projects, which are expected to include replacing four older middle schools, an addition to Jackson Middle School and renovation of East Franklin Elementary.

Don't knock and don't panhandle -- township trustees approved resolutions that took effect in April that set up a do-not-knock registry that allows residents to get their addresses on a list and receive stickers that tell would-be solicitors that they're not to call on that home. A separate resolution established fines for those convicted of aggressive panhandling - $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second and $250 for three or more.

Just for fun -- (well, OK, for education purposes, too) "The Growroom," an 8-foot tall plywood sphere, was erected in the lobby of the Prairie Township Community Center. Recreation director James Gant said he hoped the sphere would influence residents to start their own indoor gardens. In the meantime, strawberries, peppers, lettuce, herbs and other plants were planted in the Growroom.