After completing a transmission line-replacement project in 2017, Columbia Gas of Ohio is set to return to German Village with a more extensive effort this year.

The work includes 614 customers, both in the historic district and adjacent neighborhoods.

The largest piece of construction, affecting 150 customers, will include 4,285 feet of line in the area of Sixth and Jackson streets.

Work is expected to begin in the second quarter of the year and take roughly four months to complete.

Columbia Gas and the German Village Society were wrapped up in a fight for most of 2017, as the utility company updated gas lines, affecting 112 customers, in the northwest part of the community.

The issue that sparked controversy was relocation of interior gas meters to the outside of properties, which the German Village Society found unacceptable because of safety concerns and lack of continuity for the historic district.

The squabble lasted until late September, when the two sides settled their differences. Among the provisions of the agreement was the decision moving meters to the front of properties will be a last resort.

Also, the public utility has agreed to help the society with its ongoing brick sidewalk-repair program.

Columbia Gas officials said the meter-relocation is based safety and convenience for the customer.

Shiloh Todorov, executive director of the German Village Society, said 21 property owners in the initial work area would not let Columbia Gas move their meters outdoors prior to the agreement being signed.

Todorov said she was overall pleased with those relocation efforts when the gas meters were moved, to satisfaction of all sides, after the accord was reached.

"We're just looking forward to being part of the conversation, part of the education, as people prepare to make these meter moves in 2018," she said.

Another leg of construction, which started last year, will continue along East Livingston Avenue.

Of the 48 properties affected, 33 are in the historic district.

The largest line-replacement work will occur in the area of Siebert and Bruck streets, involving 260 customers, 23 of whom are in German Village. Work is slated to begin this month.

Also beginning in January is the piece of the project in the area of City Park Avenue and East Gates Street, affecting 156 customers, 21 of whom are in German Village.

"We look forward to working with the German Village Society and our customers on the next phase of gas-line-replacement work, and it is our goal to minimize any disruption our construction activity may have," said Kelli Nowinsky, spokeswoman for Columbia Gas.

"We want to thank our customers for their continued patience and hospitality as we work in their community."