In March 1913, a flood destroyed much of Columbus' near west side and killed nearly 100 people.

More may have died if not for the efforts of residents who helped rescue stranded people and animals.

One group of these good Samaritans was the Howell family of Broadview Avenue, shown here as they prepare their boats to help in the rescue effort.

A notation on the photograph reads, "How many people was it we rescued -- 423 1/2 wasn't it? You know we got one M.M.I. cadet." (The M.M. I. reference is assumed to be for the Miami Military Institute in Germantown, which sent some cadets to assist in the rescue efforts.)

The Howells' stable and barn, visible in the photo, were behind their home at 1082 Broadview and were accessible via pass-through carriage house that was built under the front porch of the house.