You love the charm of German Village.

Whether your favorite space is Schiller Park or Frank Fetch Park, a tiny garden tucked off an alley, "your table" at one of our fabulous restaurants, or your own living room, our authentic spaces are what make German Village.

And what makes our spaces is our community.

If you love it here, you have a responsibility to participate in making it great.

Credit the generations of community doers who preceded you. These photographs offer a glimpse of what others have done through the years.

Ready to team your talent and passion on behalf of your neighborhood?

We need ambassadors to the neighborhood -- welcoming new residents, welcoming visitors and sharing our history.

We need strategists and thinkers to help us plan the next 58 years of German Village.

We need people who love to garden, plant, prune and deadhead.

We need advocates to help us garner attention from City Hall.

Learn more and sign up on our website under the tab "Get Involved."

And be a donor.

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Thank you for being part of Team German Village Society. You are the engine of community on the bricks.

German Village Society Executive Director Shiloh Todorov submitted the Village Notebook column .