It's the eternal question of book-lovers everywhere: What should I read next?

You've just finished a wonderful book. You fell in love with the characters, you were moved by their plights, you cheered their triumphs and you became absorbed in their world. When you reach the end of the journey, how can you move on?

Consider giving yourself a reading challenge for 2018.

In addition to being fun and pushing you to read more, a reading challenge can help guide you to what to read next, give you measurable goals and lead you to different titles and authors you might not otherwise have considered.

The best part about a reading challenge is you can tailor it in a way that best suits you. Do you want to increase how much you reading you do? Try reading at least two books every month. Interested in traveling the world? Read a book by an author from a country you would like to visit.

You can create your own reading challenge or you can find a prepared challenge from a variety of sources.

At Grove City Library, you can pick up the 2018 Reading Challenge created by lifestyle media publisher Popsugar. Among its categories are: a book made into a movie you've seen, Nordic noir, a book with an animal in the title, a book by an author of different ethnicity than you, a book by a local author, a book about time travel and more. Completing this challenge invites a reader to explore all kinds of fiction and nonfiction across a variety of genres from all over the world.

The categories are endless.

No matter what book from any category you search for, library staffers stand ready to help you find it. Looking for a book written by a female author who uses a male pseudonym, as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling did when she published the Strike Series under the name Robert Galbraith? The staff can help. What about a book set in the decade you were born in or a book with song lyrics in the title? We can help there, too.

The important point to remember is this: Ultimately, it does not matter what you decide to read or how you challenge yourself. The point of any reading challenge is to read more and expand one's horizons. Have fun with it, learn something new and get lost in the magic of a new book.

Mark Dubovec is communications manager for Southwest Public Libraries. Contact him at