Both Whitehall police officers and the Reynoldsburg police officer involved in the fatal shooting of an armed man Jan. 5 inside a Whitehall apartment have resumed normal full-time duties, according to Whitehall police.

A Franklin County grand jury will review the case, but it is not known when it will be considered, Whitehall Deputy Chief Dan Kelso said.

Columbus police are investigating the incident and will present their findings to a grand jury, Kelso said.

"The grand jury will review the investigation, can interview witnesses, and conduct their own investigation to determine if any charges are warranted against the officers," Kelso said.

Columbus police have not completed the investigation, Kelso said last week.

Once Columbus police are finished, the case will be forwarded to a grand jury prosecutor.

"It is completely at their discretion when they present it," said Kelso, adding Whitehall police are not involved in the process.

"They have their own system of prioritization that has to do with their case load," Kelso said. "If they are busy with high-priority cases, (this case) might be pushed back, or it could be presented right away."

All three officers involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave immediately afterward until meeting with a psychologist, Kelso said.

All three have since been cleared and returned to duty.

The three officers are members of the Joint Eastside Tactical Response Team, a SWAT team composed of Reynoldsburg and Whitehall police officers.

Members of the team executed the search warrant at 8:03 a.m. Jan. 5 at an apartment at 5300 Great Oak Way in Whitehall.

The search warrant was obtained in connection with an individual suspected of selling fentanyl-laced heroin at the apartment, Kelso said.

When officers entered the apartment, they reportedly encountered an armed individual, Kelso said, leading to a confrontation in which 28-year-old suspect Ledarren D. Mixon was fatally shot.

Five additional adults and two children were at the apartment, Kelso said.

Before the Jan. 5 incident, the last shooting that involved a Whitehall police officer was in 2010; a grand jury cleared both officers in that incident, Kelso said.

Officers fatally shot Richard A. Napper, 53, of San Jose Lane after he reportedly aimed a shotgun at police officers March 9, 2010, at Norton Field.

Napper lived with relatives at the San Jose Lane residence where police previously had responded to calls of Napper threatening suicide, reports said.

No other people were present when Napper, carrying a shotgun, entered the park, Kelso said.

Police received the first report at 7:17 a.m. and arrived at the park three minutes later, Kelso said.

The two officers were the first to respond and ordered Napper to drop the shotgun.

Napper was standing next to playground equipment at the park, Kelso said.

"Police officers ordered (Napper) to drop the gun, but he raised the shotgun and pointed it at the officers," Kelso said at the time of the incident.