As a longtime resident of Dublin, I have a huge concern as to the path this city is taking.

When I moved into this community more than 25 years ago, Dublin was a nice, quiet city with a great school system and a fabulous place to raise a family.

In the last few years, the city managers, traffic engineers and planning council have decided that they publicly wanted to turn this nice, quiet city into a major suburban and minor metropolitan area.

I understand the need for advancement and moving into the future, but do they really need to bring half of Columbus with them?

The flow of traffic on Riverside Drive at 161 has slowed to a crawl, and there are times when you cannot even get onto Riverside Drive. This is even before the Bridge Street development is complete.

Avery Road in the Perimeter area now takes 20 minutes to get through during the lunch hour and is turning into the next Sawmill Road bottleneck.

They are now trying to turn Jacquemin Farms into another habitat for urban sprawl just because they can hear the tax revenue calling.

We need to stop this madness before Dublin (although it may be too late) becomes the next community to bear the brunt of acting before planning. We should slow down and enjoy what we have.

Brad Bricker