Worthington Division of Police officers reportedly missed a chance last month to arrest a man who they believe stole a large amount of cable from an office building.

Witnesses saw the 52-year-old man leaving a building on the 5700 block of North High Street with "a large amount of cable" in his vehicle the morning of Jan. 16, according to reports.

When officers stopped him for a traffic violation nearby, they noticed the cable in his vehicle but had not yet heard the theft report from the site.

Later, officers "put two and two together," according to Sgt. Jim Moran, and realized he was the man a witness claimed to see in the building. He reportedly told the witness he was "there to do work on the building."

Moran said officers eventually found the 95 missing pounds of cable at a salvage yard that the man has used "routinely." He said he expects an arrest soon.

In other recent Worthington police incident reports:

* A supervisor at a business on the 6600 block of Huntley Road reported that a former employee had sent threatening text messages to him the afternoon of Jan. 17.

The message "threatened physical harm" but did not rise to a level of being worthy of an arrest, Moran said.

"It would be unsettling, certainly, for the (supervisor)," he said. "But it did not reach the threshold of criminal charges."

* One Kilbourne Middle School student and two Thomas Worthington High School students reportedly were found to be in possession of small amounts of marijuana on the same day.

All three students were discovered with the suspected marijuana at their schools Jan. 18.

All three will be charged with possession of drugs through the Franklin County Juvenile Court.