Hand-held fruit pies have been a part of kids' lunches for decades. The portable treat is a convenient snack option when a plate and fork aren't available.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: When is the last time you had a hand-held lemon pie?

Scott Hummel: I've never had it. I never plan to have it.

Abby Armbruster: I think I can count the number of times I've had any hand-held pie on one hand, and I bet lemon was not one of those few flavors. Give me any other fruit pie any day.

Andrew King: Possibly never.

Dennis Laycock: Why can't any pie be hand-held?

Lee Cochran: Never.

Lisa Proctor: I had one this summer in the form of a fry pie bought at Lynd's Fruit Farm. The lemon was incredible.

Nate Ellis: Never.

Sarah Sole: I'd like one now.

Neil Thompson: Never. Why does it have to be lemon?