It's not difficult to figure out that Air Quality Solutions supports Ohio's veterans.

A sign on the exterior of the business's building at 3873 Broadway states that "Heroes Work Here."

Inside, a Wall of Honor features the crests of military organizations connected to employees who have served as well as those of other veterans from the community.

"That wall has taken on a life of its own," Air Quality Solutions owner Larry Titus said. "It started with my inviting people who worked 90 days for me to put their crests up and as time went on, I started letting my employees select people to put up on the wall of honor, too.

"It's a good way to recognize veterans who have made a difference in our community," he said. "We're going to need more space soon."

Four of the six people who work for Titus are veterans, and Titus is in the process of hiring two more.

Titus was recognized for his support of veterans during a Feb. 1 ceremony at his business.

Ohio Department of Veteran Services Director Chip Tansill and state Rep. Laura Lanese (R-Grove City) collaborated in honoring Titus and his company for being a military-friendly business.

Tansill presented Titus with a coin that features the "Ohio Means Jobs" emblem on the front and a flag with a bald eagle on the back.

It's a symbol presented to Ohio businesses that recognizes the importance of supporting veterans as they make the transition from military to civilian life, Tansill said.

"It's a tough transition for people to make," he said. "When you're serving in the military, you're concentrating on your duty and your service.

"People aren't working on their resumes. They're not thinking about needing a job once they leave military service," he said.

Nearly 3,000 businesses in Ohio have signed a registry at to declare they offer preference to job applicants who are veterans and/or are military-friendly employers.

"We've seen that number grow from 1,200 companies just in the last two years," Tansill said. "Employers are realizing that veterans are a special breed. They'll come in as disciplined team players and ready to work hard."

The unemployment rate for veterans in Ohio is 3 percent, about 1 percent less than the overall rate nationally, he said.

"It's people like (Titus) showing support for our veterans that allows us to have such a successful record in our state," Tansill said.

It's not surprising that Titus gives back to veterans, Lanese said.

He's one of those who gives back to the community in many ways, she said, including the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, South-Western Educational Foundation and the city's planning commission.

Titus said it's important for people in the community to step up for veterans.

"They do so much for us in their service," said Titus, whose wife is a retired lieutenant colonel with the Ohio National Guard.

His company's "Heroes Work Here" incentive program offers veteran employees to earn raises by completing training in various skills.

"We 38 different skills areas set up and they get a dollar an hour raise every time they complete training in another four skills," Titus said. "The training's not too difficult. They can learn the skills pretty quickly."

Titus said he agrees with Tansill that veterans make good employees.

"I'm always looking to hire more veterans," he said. "They don't let you down."