Among a list of accomplishments during his tenure as superintendent of Groveport Madison schools, Bruce Hoover includes construction of a new multimillion-dollar high school.

But when the school opens its doors in the fall, someone else will occupy the superintendent's office.

Hoover resigned unexpectedly Feb. 7. His last day was Friday, Feb. 9.

He recommended that Deputy Superintendent John Hurd be named acting superintendent. The board was expected to approve that action at its regular meeting Feb. 14.

Jeff Warner, the district's marketing, communications and community relations officer, said Feb. 9 there is no process in place yet to choose the next superintendent. He said that discussion is expected to be included in the board's Feb. 14 meeting.

Hurd has been with the district as deputy superintendent for nearly two years. Before that, he served as the district's director of student services, Groveport Madison Middle School Central principal and Groveport Madison High School assistant principal.

"Under Mr. Hurd's leadership, I believe that Groveport's best years are ahead, so I am open to discussing the most effective way to complete the goals and requirements needed to ensure our district finishes the year strong and is prepared to enter a very important 2018-2019 school year," Hoover said in his resignation letter.

Board member Mary Tedrow said Hoover was responsible for many good changes in the district.

"I am sorry that he is leaving and I am grateful for his eight years of service with us," Tedrow said. "There have been a lot of improvements in the school district since he has been here and I wish him well."

Board member Nancy Gilliespie said she, too, is sad to see Hoover leave.

"I really appreciate all he has taught me in the last eight years, but I can totally appreciate a person's desire to make sure they are ordering their life correctly and making changes when it seems to be the right time," Gillespie said. "I also believe in the idea that it's our job to leave our piece of the world better than when we got here, and Bruce did that for Groveport families. Our district is stronger for his commitment."

Hoover became superintendent of Groveport Madison schools Aug. 1, 2012. Prior to that, he was assistant superintendent for two years.

He cited the death of his son last year as one of the reasons he chose to resign.

Nathan Hoover was 22 when he died March 14, 2017, from complications of Batten Disease, a nervous system disorder that he was diagnosed with at age 6.

Hoover listed some of the accomplishments of which he is most proud:

* "We raised student achievement every year.

* "We stabilized a budget with more than $28 million in financial shortfall to a cash surplus of $15 million with a $3 million budget reserve fund.

* "We are one of only two districts across central Ohio to receive an A or B in student growth performance on the state report card for two consecutive years.

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