As we inch closer to the April 17 tax deadline, I would like to encourage you to try electronic filing or e-filing. No one enjoys filing their taxes, but in Dublin we're trying to make the process easier by offering the E-file option.

Simply go to and click E-File to securely file your taxes by April 17. It is safe, secure and free.

Who has to file?

All residents 18 years old and older are required to file an income tax return with Dublin regardless of where, or if, they work.

The local income tax rate is 2 percent and applies to gross wages, salaries and other personal service compensation and to net profits of Dublin businesses.

Municipal tax in Ohio is paid where you work first, and those dollars remain in the work city.

Dublin provides a 100 percent credit up to 2 percent for taxes paid to the work-place municipality.

Income tax revenue funds most city-provided services and capital-improvement projects.

Income tax revenue is allocated 75 percent to the city's general fund which goes toward basic general services, and 25 percent to the capital improvements tax fund.

According to the Dublin's community survey, the top three reasons residents choose to live in Dublin are quality of life, services and schools.

These attributes are made possible through funding provided by both income and property taxes.

I encourage those who want to learn more about the sources of the city's revenue and how their tax dollars are spent to view our "Resident's Guide to Understanding Local Taxes."

This covers how local income tax is administered and calculated, how property taxes are administered and calculated, funding sources for city services and programs and funding for capital-improvement projects.

Our "Resident's Guide" can be found at

Faye Gibson, director of taxation for the city of Dublin, submitted the City Notes column.