A Global Garden will grow this spring in the courtyard at Hilliard Heritage Middle School.

About 400 ceramic flowers made by community members and students from Heritage and three elementary schools will be "planted" after their completion.

Amanda Schaeffer and Beth Boza, art teachers at Heritage, collaborated to plan the Global Garden with a $2,250 grant from the Hilliard Education Foundation.

The first step in its creation was "Community Art Night" last week at Heritage. It was held Feb. 8, in conjunction with parent-and-teacher conferences, to maximize community participation, Schaeffer said.

Children and parents were invited to make ceramic leaves, which were donated by the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in east Columbus. Students rolled and pressed the leaves into clay and cut the leaves from the excess clay.

After the leaves are fired and glazed, they will be attached to ceramic flowers, Schaeffer said.

Fourth-graders from Hilliard Crossing, Hoffman Trails and Scioto Darby elementary schools, about 330 students in all, will come to Heritage from March 27 to 29 to make the ceramic flowers.

Trent Luptak, 12, a student at Tharp Sixth Grade School, and his 6-year-old sister, Hailey, a student at Beacon Elementary School, were among students who made leaves.

Trent said he had fun carving a leaf and hopes to see himself on YouTube – he has his own channel – after Heritage teachers complete a video of the students' work to complete the Global Garden.