The Grandview Heights City School District's mission is to maximize and personalize every student's learning.

We encourage our students and staff to step outside their comfort zones to explore their passions, develop purpose and unlock their potential.

Senior Micah Clark Moody is a real-world illustration of our mission statement. Micah has had a longtime passion for service, and at a recent school board meeting, she and sophomore Izzy Evans shared how they are making a difference in our schools and around central Ohio.

In spring 2017, Micah began thinking about how her passion for service could develop into purpose. She reached out to our director of 21st-century learning, Marc Alter, about an idea she had to create a curriculum-based, high school service-learning class for academic credit that would be entirely led by students.

With Alter as her mentor, Micah created a detailed nine-page course syllabus.

Six high school students are enrolled in the student-led class. Additionally, 25 sixth-grade students from Larson Middle School participate in the course.

Together, they have learned in-depth about hunger, education inequality and health inequality. The high school class volunteers monthly at New Life Soup Kitchen. The sixth-graders have volunteered in the New Life clothing room, at the NNEMAP food pantry and at the Church for All People Free Store.

We also recognize that this level of engagement is possible only with community support and are very appreciative.

Micah and her team found a way to dream big and make a difference in other people's lives. Her story reminds us that we are fortunate to have staff who go above and beyond to maximize and personalize every student's learning. Our district's small size allows us to create and engage in learning experiences that are unique and meaningful. Not many school districts would permit students to author and conduct their own class!

We are living in a time of great potential for our students, schools and community. It is truly an exciting time to dream big.

Andy Culp is superintendent of the Grandview Heights City School District.