After an investigation of what appeared to be an attempt to abduct a child at a local Sunoco station, Reynoldsburg police detectives determined "no crime had been committed" and no charges would be filed.

The investigation also found that the man's account of what happened Jan. 26 at the Sunoco station at Brice Road and East Livingston Avenue did not agree with what the child's mother told officers that afternoon.

"The man was not charged and the case is closed," Detective Bureau Supervisor Sgt. Costlow said.

Officers responded about 2:30 p.m. Jan. 26 to the Sunoco gas station at Brice Road and East Livingston Avenue, where a woman reported a man had tried to kidnap her infant.

She told police she had exited her vehicle carrying her 2-month-old baby in a car-seat carrier when an unknown man approached her, asked if the baby was sleeping, then tried to pull the carrier from her arms.

According to the police report, the 19-year-old woman told officer Donald Travis the man "told her that she was beautiful, then asked was her child sleeping?" She told Travis the man grabbed the carrier handle and tried to pull it away from her.

The woman described the man, and Travis was able to get a surveillance photo of him inside the business as he walked around selecting items.

Because the man was a person of interest in the incident, the police department posted the surveillance photo on its social media pages, asking for the public to help identify him, Detective Nicole Riley said.

Riley said tips poured in from the community, enabling detectives to make the identification. Sgt. Costlow said the man was identified by Jan. 30, which is when Detective Ryan Kiser was sent to find him.

Kiser said the man's version of what happened conflicted with what the woman said. The man told Kiser he walked past the woman as she was getting a car seat out of the vehicle, and he did pull the blanket back about an inch and said, "That's a cute baby." He then went inside the gas station, picked out a soft drink and stood in a long line to pay for his gas and the drink.

Kiser said the man told him the woman said nothing back to him and came into the gas station and stood behind him in line.

When detectives interviewed the woman about the incident again on Feb. 1, she said the entire incident happened inside the store. She also said she only wanted to report the incident but did not want the man arrested, according to the police report.

Surveillance video obtained by police from Sunoco showed the man inside the gas station, standing in line with the woman behind him. It also showed him turning around to the woman, but he "does not lift the blanket (from the car seat) or appear to even touch the blanket," Kiser wrote in the police report.

Kiser copied the surveillance footage as evidence and concluded in his report, "No criminal activity appears to have occurred."