Granita, which originated in Italy, is a dessert featuring ground ice often flavored with fruit. Often served with coffee, it is considered a refreshing alternative to ice cream.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Whatever happened to granita?

Scott Hummel: I don't know, but that sounds so good right now.

Abby Armbruster: I think granita is an oversimplified dessert that is not what anyone craves. I always see recipes for it, and I know I could make it quite easily, but that never sounds appetizing.

Andrew King: I never knew it existed in the first place. Looks tasty, though.

Dennis Laycock: It languishes in the freezers of upscale restaurants because most people would rather order literally any other dessert over a glorified snow cone.

Lee Cochran: No idea, but it's very good.

Neil Thompson: It became an obscure reference without a definition in this Staff Q&A. Wait, I want to change my answer: I hear it's the next big thing.

Lisa Proctor: People just love the richer flavor of ice cream.

Nate Ellis: Huh?

Sarah Sole: Gonna go ahead and say I require it immediately.