The Balanced Family Academy is expanding again, adding 7,500 square feet to its education complex at the southeast corner of Bethel and Reed roads.

The private child care facility has taken over Ohio State University Family Practice, 1727 Bethel Road.

Rebecca Handley, who founded the academy with her sister, Sarah Fite, said the construction project will include adding 4,000 square feet to the 3,500-square-foot building.

Work should conclude this summer, with the annex opening in August, Handley said.

It will be the third expansion since Balanced Family opened 3 ? years ago, she said.

"There's such a need in this area," Handley said. "It will help us provide child care for current families who are having additional children."

The expansion will allow Balanced Family Academy to enroll another 120 students, Handley said.

The facility will serve children 6 weeks to 6 years of age -- the same as the school's current level of programming -- plus first- and second-graders enrolled in Greensview and Windermere elementary schools in Upper Arlington, she said.

Handley's and Fite's sister, Katie Berardi, who has a daughter, will become a partner when the annex opens. Berardi is a former teacher at a charter school.

From Chillicothe, all three siblings graduated from Ohio State University and live in Upper Arlington.

Handley and Fite -- both parents to two boys -- opened the academy after trying to juggle jobs, children and a household, Handley said.

"As mothers, we experienced the difficulty first-hand of creating a work-life balance," she said.

"We want to help as many families as we can," Fite said.

They founded the original school in August 2014 in 6,000 square feet of space at 5150 Reed Road. A year later, they expanded into a 7,000-square-foot facility at 1717 Bethel Road. The three buildings are separate but are within a few steps of each other.

The school has an enrollement of 226, Handley said. She said the school also offers fitness space and food for adults.

Balanced Family contracts with Whisk Prep Kitchen to prepare coffee and grab-and-go breakfast and lunch options, plus clients' dinner of their choice on Wednesdays, with advance notice.

Fite said she wouldn't rule out additional locations of the academy.

"I think the sky's the limit," she said. "In this area, this expansion will complete our campus. But expanding into other areas is in the realm of possibility."