The owners of The Kitchen are expanding next door, turning a storefront into an event space with a clean look and endless entertainment possibilities.

Anne Boninsegna and Jen Lindsey, who opened the participatory-dining venue in German Village nearly five years ago, are creating Studio at the Kitchen in a storefront directly to the east.

The current tenant, Posy, a floral shop, is moving to a bigger location.

"It was an opportunity we had when we first moved in and we just had to pass it up," Lindsey said of acquiring the space.

"The timing is good," Boninsegna said. "We feel if we pass it up now, it could be another five years before we get the opportunity again."

Cooking, however, will not be part of the activities in Studio, which is expected to open June 1.

Instead it will be available for rehearsal dinners, baby showers, business meetings, pop-up art galleries, fashion shows -- any event that requireds space for 50 or fewer people, Boninsegna said.

"It's a much more compact space," she said. "It's got a completely different feel than The Kitchen."

The Kitchen, meanwhile, hosts many events outside of participatory cooking, but they tend to be larger and more expensive, Boninsegna said.

The Kitchen, 231 E. Livingston Ave., will provide Studio guests with homemade food. It also will have a liquor license.

Boninsegna said it will feature white walls, a black painted floor and gold and dark-green accents. And there will be lots of plants.

The 4,200-square-foot, 150-seat Kitchen hosts participatory-cooking events, in which guests prepare their own group meals; taco Tuesdays, which are open to the public; and private occasions.

Boninsegna said space at Studio will potentially provide an extra option for patrons.