When Marble Cliff was established in 1901, it included land west of the Olentangy River, between King and Fifth avenues, that was part of Sellsville.

In the early 1920s, W.F. Aschinger purchased property that fronted 500 feet of Fifth Avenue to build the factory of the Columbus Show Case Co., founded in 1895, which he acquired in 1914.

The new factory was completed in 1923 and housed the company until it moved to the Far West Side in 1998.

The Meridian Apartment complex now sits on the site; the road through the complex is named for Aschinger.

The company manufactured plate glass and wood-frame floor cases, wood-frame counter cases, bakery display cases and more.

An early article described the Columbus Show Case building: "It is one of the modern type of factory buildings that present a handsome architectural appearance. In construction and arrangement it has carried out the most modern ideas in industrial building, great windows affording a flood of light, and the building itself is always plenty of fresh air and light. Working conditions for employees are ideal, and arrangements permit not only perfect efficiency in operation, expeditious handling of each step in the manufacture, but also the advantage and welfare of the workers themselves. Many of the machines were specially made for the plant, and this is one of Ohio's industries that might profitably be studied for advanced lessons in shop practice."

The company, last known as CSC Worldwide, closed in 2013.