A police officer has a calling. It's not about making money.

Being a police officer is about caring for children. It's about making communities safe. It's about doing what it takes to stop someone from hurting another person.

When a police officer is killed, it's not only a community that loses a hero; the whole nation loses a hero.

On Feb. 10, two selfless, courageous and strong men went to the aid of a family and were killed when they walked in the door to help.

Their names are officer Anthony Morelli, age 54, and officer Eric Joering, age 39. They are Westerville police officers who probably saved the lives of a woman and child who were in the house.

That man turned on innocent police officers and away from those innocent victims. The police officers laid down their lives.

There is such a heaviness in the air here in Westerville; a sadness that covers the city. It is a gray and foggy day here as it should be. No one has the right to take innocent human life, but that golden standard is ignored, even laughed at, more and more.

I want to give these police officers the recognition they deserve, but I realize I can never accomplish that goal. They deserve recognition that has no end.

So instead, I will keep them and their families in my prayers, thanking them and loving them, knowing God will bring them comfort.

Rachel Muha