Today's photo is from the August 1918 Norwester magazine.

It depicts Grandview students working in the school-sponsored gardens at the corner of Third and Arlington avenues.

During World War I and II, the government encouraged the development of personal and community gardens as a way of focusing on rationing and building community togetherness.

Grandview had a community victory garden at Goodale Boulevard and Grandview Avenue, and the school PTA sponsored student gardens.

Each of the 80 students was responsible for a 10-by-30-foot plot. They set up their lots as a "company" under the direction of the high school Principal P.A. McCarty.

The "officers" of the company were students Leroy Hendershott, Marian Hall and Jean Marchi. They planted and grew potatoes, lettuce, beans, onions and cabbage.

The harvest was donated to the community food kitchen on First Avenue, where the vegetables from the community garden and the school garden were prepared for those in need.