Years ago, while browsing with friends at Powell Village Antiques -- now the location of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream -- I discovered a unique card table, which I purchased and donated to the Powell Liberty Historical Society.

Arlington Enterprises of Philadelphia referred to it as an "advertising card table." It likely was produced as a fundraising item for the Starlight Rebekah Lodge in 1946. Businesses from Powell, Shawnee Hills, Dublin, Linworth, Worthington and Columbus are represented.

The names of 28 lodge members are printed on the tabletop. Based on some of the names, I believe the lodge was in Dublin.

Rebekah Lodges were composed of women and were associated with the Independent Order of Oddfellows.

It is interesting to look at old newspapers, yearbooks and programs to see what kinds of businesses were in our small communities in the past. Family-owned grocery stores and hardware stores were common.

Since the society opened the Martin-Perry House in the early 1990s, people have donated a variety of advertising memorabilia.

The Brown Fruit Farm, located south of Highbanks Metro Park, was a destination for many from a wide area. The society was given one of their apple-picking bags advertising "100 Acres in Orchards." It operated from about 1912-58.

The society also has a crate sticker from Highland Apple Farm, which was owned by William P. Zinn.

The Red & White Market in Powell, owned by Fred Reeves, was the source of assorted memorabilia: a meat-cutter's hat, advertising Falter's Purity brand meats; a handheld cardboard fan, supplied by Putnam Fadeless Dyes and Tints; and calendars from the 1940s, where the Red & White brand items from soup to soap flakes were advertised and recipes were printed. Prohibition Gastro Lounge occupies the grocery space today.

Harry Weinstock had a Chevrolet dealership in Powell in the 1940s. Weinstock Motor Sales also sold Hudson autos and Ford Ferguson tractors. The Powell Liberty Antique Mall has had its business there on North Liberty Street for years.

We have a colorful ink blotter -- remember them? -- from the dealership. It reads: "You'll be AHEAD with a CHEVROLET!" and promoted a 1938 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Town Sedan. The dealership was in business from 1929-51.

Imagine -- the "showroom" window that now holds antiques may have held your dreamed-about new automobile.

In our collection are pencils and calendars from the Powell Sohio Station, owned by Don and Lucile Canfield from 1948-55. It was located on the southeast corner of the Four Corners intersection, where Local Roots and the adjoining gazebo feature outdoor music and yoga.

Big Bear Stores were the first self-service supermarkets in the Midwest, established in 1934. The silos at the Giant Eagle store on West Powell Road belonged to the Big Bear Farm. A simple hot mat with the Big Bear logo is a little reminder of the 70-year history of that company.

The latest acquisition is a well-used keyring from the First Lady beauty salon, formerly located at 70 W. Olentangy St. and operated by Nita Eissnicher.

If you're a longtime resident of Powell or simply curious about that card table -- or anything in our collection -- we welcome your visit to the Martin-Perry House on a Wednesday when volunteers are working.

The house is located at Olentangy Street and Grace Drive.

If you have memorabilia from local businesses to donate, the society would appreciate that. You may leave a message at 614-848-6210.

Carole Wilhelm is a member of the Powell Liberty Historical Society.