Goat, popular in many parts of the world, slowly is gaining traction in the United States. Known for its rich flavor, it can be prepared in several ways.

ThisWeek staffers were asked: Is goat stew unappreciated?

Sarah Sole: I also avoid goat stew.

Lee Cochran: Couldn't make that judgment; I've never tried it.

Dennis Laycock: Never tried it, but a lot of the African restaurants in my neighborhood feature it. I'd love to taste it soon.

Scott Hummel: How have I never eaten that? I think it might indeed be unappreciated.

Andrew King: Has something happened to make us think we need to re-evaluate goat stew?

Lisa Proctor: I prefer stew with beef, so by me, yes, it is.

Abby Armbruster: Where can that be found in Columbus? I've never seen it on a menu (not that I would eat it anyhow, because I'm vegetarian).

Nate Ellis: Absolutely. Aside from the egregious use of the term GOAT (greatest of all time) in sports parlance, goat is always welcome at my dinner table.

Neil Thompson: I can't say because I've never had it but I would venture that most goat dishes could be construed as "underappreciated."