Marzipan is used in all sorts of confections and desserts. Using ground almond meal, sugar or honey and occasionally eggs, it also can be formed into little shapes and eaten on its own, sometimes covered in chocolate.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Have you ever eaten marzipan?

Sarah Sole: I don't think so, but it sounds like something I'd want to try.

Lee Cochran: Not to my knowledge.

Dennis Laycock: Yes, and it's delicious. Especially when it's dipped in chocolate and/or formed into whimsical shapes.

Scott Hummel: Marzi-what? But I Googled it. It looks good.

Andrew King: I haven't, but I would.

Lisa Proctor: Yes, and it was good. Thank you, Krista.

Abby Armbruster: Yes, and I was not a huge fan. Almonds are good, but that flavor is too intense for me.

Nate Ellis: I don't recall that I have, but maybe?

Neil Thompson: According to Google, yes, I have.