The city of Upper Arlington will embark on a 2018 street reconstruction program this spring that, once concluded, is expected to yield approximately $4.6 million in upgrades.

The November 2014 passage of Issue 23 raised Upper Arlington's income tax rate from 2 to 2.5 percent and produced approximately $3.5 million in new, annual revenue city leaders promised would be used to improve city infrastructure.

Since that time, Upper Arlington has invested about $50 million into maintenance and upgrades for streets, stormwater systems, curbs, gutters and parks facilities.

The 2018 projects include reconstructingportions of 14 roads.

"By the close of 2018, more than $55 million will have been invested in our streets, water lines, bridges, sanitary sewer lines, streetlights and traffic signals since the passage of Issue 23," City Engineer Jackie Thiel said.

Phase I of the two-part 2018 street reconstruction project will begin in May, Thiel said.

On Feb. 27, Upper Arlington City Council voted unanimously to extend an approximately $2.54 million contract to Strawser Paving Co. to begin work on six streets that will be reconstructed through this summer. They are:

* Anson Street from Coverdale Drive to Hillview Drive.

* Bickley Place from Anson Street to Johnston Road.

* Donna Drive from Fairlington Drive to Center Drive.

* Lytham Road from Bickley Place to Fenwick Road.

* Reed Road from McCoy Road to Lane Road.

* Stonehaven Drive from Stonhaven Place to Chevy Chase Avenue.

"Next to public safety, infrastructure repairs and maintenance are our city's top priority, and this allocation reinforces that commitment," City Council President Kip Greenhill said. "Our residents have made this essential outlay possible by their support of Issue 23 in 2014."

According to a Feb. 26 staff report to council from Assistant City Engineer Carla Odebralski, work on the six Phase I streets will consist of "full-depth base reclamation," with new curbs and gutters, driveway aprons and the construction of storm crossings.

"Lytham Road also includes (a) sidewalk on the south side from Glenda Place to Fenwick Road, in accordance with the policy approved by City Council to install new sidewalk on collector and arterial streets in conjunction with reconstruction projects," Odebralski's report stated.

Thiel said the Phase I streets were selected because their pavement conditions are below 70 on a grading scale of 1-100, with 1 being the lowest score.

She said the curbs are "heavily deteriorated."

"We do not have the schedule from the contractor yet, but we anticipate a start date near May 1 with a completion by the end of summer," Thiel said.

"Once we receive the schedule, we will hold a public meeting to provide residents all the information they will need while their street is under reconstruction.

"Most likely, there will be three to five streets under construction at one time, since we have two contractors working on the program this year. The streets will be closed with access to residents living on that street only."

Thiel said a contract for Phase II of this year's street reconstruction program is expected to be approved at council's March 26 meeting, with work on those streets to begin this summer.

Phase II work is expected to include:

* Abington Road from Mountview Road to Redding Road.

* Ashland Avenue from the city corporation line to Stanford Road.

* Brandon Road from Northam Road to Ridgeview Road.

* Coventry Road from Cambridge Road to Waltham Road.

* Fairfax Road from Waltham Road to Guilford Road.

* Sudbury Road from Inchliff Road to Zollinger Road.

* Tewksbury Road from Oxford Road to Arlington Avenue.

* Westwood Avenue from Tremont Road to Stanford Road.

Thiel said the 2018 work would represent "a slight uptick" from last year, when the city spent $3.6 million on street reconstruction.