A five-year project to replace leaky sections of the roof at Jones Middle School is on track to be fully completed this summer.

Since 2013, the Upper Arlington school district has been working to replace 16 sections of the roof, but in a calculated way.

Altogether, including the work that's slated to conclude the total project by the end of July, it's been a $2.1 million endeavor.

That's precisely why district officials have taken so long to complete it, said Chris Potts, the district's chief operating officer.

"For the last handful of years, we've been chipping away at each roof section at Jones," Potts said. "We had a five- or six-year plan to work through the roof.

"We just have tried to be real strategic about being responsible with our permanent improvement money and spread it across all of our buildings."

The Upper Arlington Board of Education approved replacing the final three sections of the roof March 6 when it signed off on a $403,000 contract with Tremco WTI.

"The roof project at Jones is a very complex one, so it made sense to span it over several summers, which also lessened the impact on students and visitors during the school year," school board President Carol Mohr said.

"It will be great to see this well-thought-out plan come to a conclusion soon and ensure our oldest school building is well protected into the next century."

Potts said at the outset of the project there were "significant leaks across the whole Jones building" and noted warranties for some of the sections had expired.

In some cases, he added, the companies that installed parts of the previous roof were no longer in business.

"We've replaced all the roof sections and they now have new, 20-year warranties," he said. "We essentially reinsulated to meet the new code requirements, as well.

"We've hopefully done a better job in having a more efficient building."

Work on the final three sections of the roof is expected to begin in June and be completed by the end of July, and won't affect classes.



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