This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week -- an annual reminder to have a plan in place for when severe weather strikes.

We all know that hail, high wind, lightning strikes, flash flooding and even tornadoes are possible with any severe thunderstorm here.

With planning, you and your family can be equipped to handle our spring storms and minimize both injury and property damage.

There are several steps you can take to be prepared. First of all, be informed through alerts.

Did you know you can sign up for alerts from the Dublin Emergency Calling System and the Franklin County Alert System on our website?

Check out the "Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week" posting at to learn more.

I also would strongly urge residents, businesses and schools to use a weather alert radio.

With all the new apps out there, there are many useful weather alert apps for your smart phone, too.

Your second step is to make a plan. Consider the following:

* Where your family will meet (safe location) in the event of a disaster.

* How will family members contact one another if phones do not work.

* How will you let loved ones know that you are safe.

This planning process goes for our businesses, too. Every business should have an emergency preparedness plan in place.

By developing a plan today, you will be able to better support your employees, customers, and the Dublin community as a whole in the event of a disaster.

The third step you can take is to build a kit. A disaster supply kit is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.

This means having your own food, water and other supplies (flashlight, blankets, medications, etc.) in sufficient quantity to last for at least 72 hours.

We at the city of Dublin have our own plans in the event of an emergency, and we regularly analyze and communicate those plans to city employees.

Part of the way we test our plans is through our outdoor warning sirens.

The city of Dublin operates 29 sirens within the city and Washington Township. These sirens are tested every Wednesday at noon, weather permitting.

Remember, the outdoor warning sirens are intended to be heard outdoors only.

When it looks like bad weather is approaching, monitor your radio, phone, weather alert radio or television for current weather information.

The safety of our residents, businesses and city employees is always the top priority for the city of Dublin. I know it is just as important to you too.

By being properly informed and prepared, we can work together to keep our community as safe as possible.

Dublin City Manager Dana McDaniel, submitted the City Manager's Notes column.