A 76-year-old Worthington man allegedly was scammed out of thousands of dollars last month.

The man received a letter informing him that he had won millions of dollars in a lottery but needed to send money to cover fees associated with his win, according to a Worthington Division of Police report.

He sent $35,000 to addresses in Brooklyn, New York, and the country of Jamaica sometime in February before officers were informed of the issue, police said.

The man had been a victim of a scam before and sent more than $23,000 to a scammer in a different situation in 2017, police said.

The case is under investigation.

In other recent Worthington police incident reports:

* A 53-year-old Worthington man was arrested on a warrant after he reported a mutual assault involving his girlfriend on Glen Circle.

The warrant was for violating a protection order from Fayette County.

No charges were filed for either side of the assault report.

* Staff members at Kilbourne Middle School, 50 E. Dublin-Granville Road, called police March 12 after a special-needs student reportedly assaulted a teacher.

The teacher's injuries did not require treatment and no arrests were made.