This summer's swim season will be the last for an outdated bathhouse at Devon Pool, 2070 S. Mallway Drive.

Upper Arlington officials say the 1,400-square-foot bathhouse, which houses the pool office, locker rooms, storage and a concession stand, isn't up to community standards and falls short of federal accessibility regulations.

So they'll get one more season out of the facility before a new 2,550-square-foot, $1.28 million one is built in time for 2019.

"It will feature larger restrooms, showers, a family restroom, concessions and storage," said Alan McKnight, capital projects manager for the Upper Arlington Parks and Recreation Department.

In addition to accessibility issues and the age of the facility, McKnight said Devon's concession stand doesn't meet Franklin County Public Health standards.

Drinks and snacks still will be served in 2018, but upgrades or a temporary alternative will be necessary.

"It is old and in poor condition," McKnight said of the concession stand. "The floor is in bad shape and needs to be replaced.

"We will still provide concessions by either making some short-term improvements to the existing structure or possibly bringing in a trailer similar to what you see at events around town."

According to a staff report to Upper Arlington City Council from McKnight and Parks and Recreation Director Debbie McLaughlin, the city bid the project last October.

However, after a $995,000 offer by Miles-McClellan Construction was withdrawn because the contractor miscalculated its estimated costs, a low bid of approximately $1.252 million from Gutknecht Construction exceeded the city's project budget.

Revisions to the bathhouse roof design and reductions in masonry work were made, but officials said when the project was rebid, the costs for items such as plumbing, concrete and electrical work kept the overall price tag north of $1.2 million.

"We believe this is a reflection of the strong economy and high demand for work by the various trades that is occurring," the March 19 staff report said. "We also believe prices will continue to rise over the next six months to a year, suggesting that rebidding a third time would not result in better pricing."

Upper Arlington-based Thomas & Marker Construction was awarded the contract for the bathhouse replacement after a "local business credit" was applied that gives a 2 percent discount and preference to companies whose principal place of business is in Upper Arlington.

The credit lowered Thomas & Marker's bid by $2,149, drawing it even with that of LeVeck Commercial Construction & Development, located on West Third Avenue in Columbus.

McKnight said $100,993 in new furniture and shade structures would be added to the pool this year.

The existing bathhouse will be demolished after the 2018 swim season closes. Its replacement will resemble building materials and the size of the office and guest facilities at Tremont, he said.

"It's a needed project," McKnight said. "We're looking forward to getting it going."