From 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 21, the city of Hilliard and the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Commission will hold their fifth annual Earth Day celebration at the Hilliard Community Center in Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park.

Local and regional businesses and organizations will offer a number of fun and educational activities for children and adults alike. This will be a great time to learn about what you can do in your own homes to become more sustainable.

Visitors are also invited to participate in a cleanup of the park at 3800 Veterans Memorial Drive.

This year, the ESC is looking to focus on proper disposal of some of those items in your home that you want to get rid of, but are not sure how to do so in a sustainable manner.

Everyone knows to put their newspaper and aluminum can in the recycling bin, but what about that computer that has been sitting in the basement? What should you do with the light fixtures that you removed when you renovated the bathroom? Or how about the box full of packing peanuts that just arrived from Amazon?

The ESC is happy to provide you with opportunities for proper disposal of all of these items and more.

Four separate collections will take place in the parking lot at the community center.

A collection truck will be accept Styrofoam packaging materials, including packing peanuts. Styrofoam is one of the most difficult items to recycle, but the ESC has a partner in Knox County who shreds and compacts this material so that it can be reused to make other products. Please remove all tape and do not bring any containers that have been in contact with food, as it would contaminate the load.

We also will accept paper documents for shredding. If you have old bills, legal documents, or other papers that you are uncomfortable putting in your normal recycling container, the ESC will have locked containers in which to place those documents. The containers will be picked up by Allshred Services immediately after the event and taken back to its facility, where those documents will be shredded in accordance with the guidelines of the National Association for Information Destruction. The shredded paper then will be recycled.

For the second year in a row, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore also will collect. This is the perfect place to bring your old appliances, such construction materials as door handles and even lumber. Please bring only functioning appliances and materials. For a detailed explanation of what materials can be accepted and what materials cannot be accepted, visit

Finally, the Community Computer Alliance will be collect electronic waste.

Old cellphones, computers, printers and even miscellaneous cords and wires are acceptable items.

Your electronics will be broken down into component parts and recycled appropriately according to the R2 Standard. Please do not bring CRT monitors or televisions, as those materials require a fee to be paid in order to recycle. Once again, for more details, visit

Earth Day is less than a month away, so instead of sending these items to the landfill, hang onto them and bring them to the collection April 21. This is a great opportunity for spring cleaning in an environmentally sustainable way.

Pete Marsh is the Hilliard City Council representative to the Hilliard Environmental Sustainability Commission.