An Upper Arlington man told police he lost more than $9,000 after he was swindled by someone claiming to be from the IRS.

Upper Arlington police received a report March 16 from a 33-year-old man in the 2700 block of Folkstone Way who said between 1:30 and 6:11 p.m. that day he had been victimized by an unknown person posing as an IRS official.

Police reports didn't say how the man was contacted, but he told police the phony IRS official claimed he had a warrant for the resident's arrest.

The suspect then allegedly told the man he could resolve the situation by purchasing gift cards through Target.

The resident told police he purchased six gift cards valued together at $9,490 and provided the gift card information to the suspect.

Police had no suspects in the case.

In other Upper Arlington police reports:

* A 40-year-old Columbus man was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of official business after allegedly yelling profanities from the street near the corner of Belgrave and Crompton drives at 12:07 a.m. March 19, and refusing to calm down after police arrested him.

After being taken to police headquarters, the man, who officers said was intoxicated, was placed in an emergency restraint chair due to aggressive behavior, police reports said. He then was transported to the Franklin County jail.

* A Columbus woman reported her $800 cellphone was stolen while she was shopping at a supermarket in the 1500 block of West Lane Avenue between 5 and 5:10 p.m. March 19.

* A wallet valued at $30, two gift cards valued together at $20, $12 in cash, four credit cards, two library cards and a driver's license reportedly were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked outside a residence in the 1700 block of Bedford Road between 12:30 and 7:30 a.m. March 21.

* A juvenile girl living in the 2500 block of Woodstock Road was charged with disorderly conduct and underage consumption of alcohol after she was observed falling out of a vehicle while attempting to exit and being found by police to be under the influence of alcohol at 10:32 p.m. March 20.

* A juvenile boy in the 2400 block of Bristol Road was charged with a curfew violation at 1:45 a.m. March 19 after a family member reported he failed to return home by an agreed upon time.

* A glass door at a vacant commercial property in the 1900 block of West Henderson Road was damaged by an unknown person using a piece of fencing between midnight and 1:25 a.m. March 18, causing $500 in damage to the door.

* A 55-year-old Columbus man was charged with assault after allegedly admitting to striking a 54-year-old Dublin man in a parking lot in the 1300 block of West Lane Avenue at 2:19 p.m. March 18.

* An employee of a real estate business in the 2700 block of McCoy Road reported the misuse of a company credit card by a contract laborer between Jan. 16 and Feb. 21, which resulted in a $2,446.42 loss to the business.

* A 39-year-old Columbus man was charged with violating a protection order and telecommunications harassment after allegedly contacting a woman who had a court-imposed protection order against him, via text message between 7:43 p.m. March 11 and 12:30 p.m. March 12.

* Two juveniles girls were charged with domestic violence and assault after an alleged fight between the two in the parking lot of the Upper Arlington Municipal Services Center, 3600 Tremont Road, at noon March 11.

* A woman in the 3100 block of Fisher Place reported a rock was thrown through a window of her residence between 1 and 3 a.m. March 11, causing $500 in damage to a window and $100 in damage to a window screen.