If you want to try the flavors of Temperance Row Brewing Co., you've got to go to the source.

Brews made in house at Temperance Row (which is inside Uptown Deli and Brew, 41 N. State St. in uptown Westerville) are used with higher-quality ingredients than brewers who distribute to dozens of restaurants, said brewmaster Scott Francis, a Clintonville resident.

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"You can use maybe different ingredients, pricier ingredients than you could as if you were dealing with wholesale," Francis said. "I'm not restrained by cost of ingredients."

A bonus if you stop by Uptown Deli and Brew: You can find out what musical artist was playing while the beer was brewing. Every batch of beer has the song or musician written on the side of the tank, Francis said.

"It takes a lot of music ... to make beer," he said.

Francis has a long history of brewing in central Ohio, from co-founding Columbus Brewing Co. in 1989 to co-founding Barley's Brewing Co. shortly afterward.

Temperance Row can produce up to 20 kegs at a time in its system, owner Tony Cabilovski said.

The home of the brewery used to be a feed mill in years past.

"We think we're using grain in a little bit (of) a better way," Cabilovski said.

Francis and his brewery team, which includes his sons, tries to go for the true definition of traditional European drinks, like Scottish ales.

If a European customer were to stop by the brewery for a Scottish ale, Cabilovski said, he wants that customer to experience the same beer as if he or she were back home, he said.

In addition to the traditional ales, Francis will brew a seasonal favorite once the warmer weather arrives: watermelon wheat beer.

Another added bonus is the deli at the front of the brewery.

Although the #ThisWeekBreweryTour has ended, we look to visit other breweries in central Ohio about once a month and bring them to you via Facebook Live. If you have suggestions for other breweries we should visit, email aarmbruster@thisweeknews.com.

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