A large crowd attends the Liberty Loan Rally on Sept. 30, 1918, at Broad and High streets in Columbus.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt helped dedicate the memorial arch to fallen soldiers.

The structure, which was temporary, was erected as part of a campaign for residents to buy war bonds to help the U.S. government defray the expenses of World War I.

The campaign was known as the Fourth Liberty Loan "atonement drive."

Engraved on the arch were these words: "Buy twice as many. Buy to make the Hun atone. Buy to avenge our boys. That these shall not have died in vain."

The Columbus Dispatch reported, "The magnificent arch honors 42 boys from Columbus and Franklin County who have given up their lives in the war with Germany."

The figure of 42 deaths was the total up to that date; when the war ended less than two months later, nearly 300 central Ohio residents had died.