Being sent to the principal's office can strike fear into the heart of any student, but Trinity Catholic Elementary School second-grader Emme Adkins was glad to go March 28.

That's because she was the principal.

Emme had the chance to serve as the school's leader for the day -- taking the reins from Principal Kimber Moehrman -- after her family submitted the highest bid for the prize in a silent auction held as part of the family dance presented Feb. 10 by the Trinity Home and School Association.

Most of the items in the silent auction were classroom art projects created by Trinity students, but families also could bid on an opportunity for their child to take Moehrman's place on the last day of class before the school's Easter break.

"I feel really good. I'm really excited that I get to be principal," Emme said March 28 while sitting at the principal's desk after fulfilling her first official duty of the day: leading her schoolmates in the morning prayer, hymn and the Pledge of Allegiance.

She chose the prayer to St. Michael -- "I just love the sound of the words" -- and the hymn "O God Almighty Father" for the morning assembly.

Throughout the day, Emme completed other tasks in place of Moehrman, including recess and lunch duty, greeting parents as they picked up their children at the end of the day, and checking in with administrative assistant Diane Eastman for any messages or phone calls coming into the school.

"It's going to be a pretty easy day for me. I'm wearing jeans today. I just might take a nap later on," Moehrman said to Emme with a laugh.

"Just kidding," she told her temporary replacement.

Emme said she expected to have a less taxing day as well.

"I think it's harder to be a student than a principal," she said.

All Trinity students were able to dress down for the day, thanks to "Principal Adkins."

"I was planning and thinking about that we should do something really fun for school today," Emme said, "so I thought we could have a pajama day."

Students could wear their pajamas instead of their normal school uniform.

"Everybody looks really happy that they don't have to wear their school uniforms," Emme said.

Her classmates in Patty Olvera's second-grade classroom received an even bigger treat: They could bring their sleeping bags and spend part of the day having a sleepover and watching a movie.

"My favorite thing about being principal is getting to see everybody dressed in their pajamas," Emme said. "It's fun to see what they wear when they sleep."

Emme's dream is to someday be a teacher -- not just for a day, but as a career, she said.

While she started the morning dressed in appropriate principal attire, Emme said she would get a break later in the day.

"I brought my pajamas and sleeping bag, too," she said.

Emme also spent part of the day as a student, participating in gym, computer lab and library time.

As principal, Moehrman sends a weekly email message to Trinity families.

Emme wrote and sent an Easter message to them as principal for the day:

"Dear Trinity Families, You can wear shorts again after the Easter break! Have an awesome Easter break and find lots of joy in those Easter eggs. I hope the weather warms up and the sun shines more often, and I hope the last quarter of school is the most wonderful of the year."