Murray City Coal and Ice Company was near Olentangy River Road and Fifth Avenue on Edgehill Road.

It was for years co-located with the Boulevard Lumber Company, which was started in 1917 by Henry Miller.

The owner of Murray City was Charles H. Boardman, who was active in Marble Cliff politics and activities.

This photo shows a fan that was used to promote the company, which Boardman bought in 1919.

The photo at the lower right shows the "tipple" that was designed and built by Boardman, who was a civil and mining engineer by trade, to clean and load coal into the self-dumping Packard delivery trucks or horse-drawn wagons that would move the coal to households in the region.

Murray City was one of the most prominent coal suppliers in Columbus and was connected to some of the largest mines in Ohio and West Virginia.

It was the first business to be established in Grandview.