A Westerville middle school student reportedly was expelled after teachers reported she arrived to school while under the influence of drugs.

According to reports, the student came to Heritage Middle School, 390 N. Spring Road, on the morning of April 3, and was "not herself."

The student reportedly had eaten a cookie she believed to be laced with drugs, possibly marijuana, and told teachers she could not identify who gave it to her, reports stated.

According to reports, the girl was expelled but no criminal charges were filed.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

* A Columbus woman reported her vehicle was stolen while she was at work in Westerville.

According to reports, the woman left the car in the parking lot of her workplace in the 800 block of Brooksedge Boulevard on the morning of April 5. When she returned that evening, the car was missing.

The woman reportedly verified the car was not repossessed and was not being borrowed by a relative.

* Two 17-year-old Westerville boys were arrested for burglarizing a condemned house.

According to reports, the two boys entered a house in the 200 block of Mary Avenue and stole a box containing video games and movies on the afternoon of April 7.

Both were charged with burglary and transported to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center, reports stated.