Central Ohioans are shown camping out in May 1983 at the State Savings Bank on Havens Corners Road in Gahanna to take advantage of low-interest -- 9.98 percent -- home loans.

Under State Issue 1, which voters had approved a few months prior, lending institutions in Franklin County were making about $26 million in 9.98 percent, 30-year mortgage loans to first-time homebuyers.

The mortgage-loan rate at the time was 12.25 to 12.5 percent.

The weekend vigils were necessary because the money was being issued on a strictly enforced first-come, first-served basis.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that hopeful homebuyers brought pets, backgammon sets, radios and portable televisions to amuse themselves in a "social campout" that, according to the first man in line, had a "tent-city, Woodstock atmosphere."