Trout amandine (often spelled almondine in American cookbooks) is a French classic of fried trout served with melted butter and slivers of almonds

ThisWeek staffers answered the question: When's the last time you ordered trout amandine?

Dennis Laycock: I have literally never seen this dish on a menu in my life.

Lisa Proctor: I love seafood, but I have never had this.

Scott Hummel: I like trout, and I like almonds. I don't want them together. Do I?

Neil Thompson: I don't remember, but I am a fan of any trout dish. It's one of my favorite fish to eat.

Andrew King: I have never ordered it, but it sounds tasty.

Abby Ambruster: Never. But people say fish and almonds go great together.

Lee Cochran: I never have.

Nate Ellis: Never.

Sarah Sole: I have never done this.