Grove City police charged a Columbus man with felony counts of receiving stolen property and possession of drugs April 20 after officers were dispatched to a store in the 1900 block of Stringtown Road.

According to reports, an off-duty Obetz police officer called in a suspicious person report after observing a man and a woman standing near an ATM for a long period of time.

When the first Grove City police officer arrived, the two people went into the store. The officer followed them inside. The man purchased a drink and he and the woman started toward the exit, but left through another end of the store when they saw the officer, according to reports.

The officer caught up with the two suspects, neither of whom had identification or could give their Social Security numbers, reports stated. Both suspects gave what later were found to be incorrect names and conflicting home addresses.

Another officer arrived and each took one of the suspects to a cruiser.

The man kept putting his hands in his pockets and the officer, worried that he might have a weapon, searched him and found a pin box that contained heroin, reports stated. A black bag was also found which contained what appeared to be Suboxone, heroin and marijuana. During the search, the officer also found several identification and credit cards.

The officer recognized a name on one of the identification cards as that of a woman who had reported earlier that day that her wallet, tablet computer and cellphone had been stolen from her car while it was parked at a business in the 2000 block of Stringtown, according to reports. The man ultimately admitted to taking the items from the woman's car.

It was later determined that some of the cards belonged to a Powell woman who had filed a report with Columbus police on April 20, stating her purse was stolen from her car parked in the 5400 block of West Pointe Plaza in Columbus, reports stated.

Other cards were later found to belong to a Grove City woman who reported April 22 that her purse was stolen April 20 from her car while it was parked at a store in the 2100 block of Stringtown.

Although the male suspect has not been charged in the latter two thefts, police did file an additional misdemeanor drug charge against him, reports stated.

The woman was released after police made their initial contact with her because officers were unable to determine if she had been involved in the thefts. She was later found to have a felony warrant for a 2017 charge of receiving stolen property and police filed a warrant through Franklin County Municipal Court for that charge and a misdemeanor charge of falsification, according to reports.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* Officers responded to break-ins on two consecutive nights at two Stringtown Road businesses after burglar alarms sounded.

At 3:30 a.m. April 23, police responded to a business in the 2000 block of Stringtown after two alarms sounded. They found the front-door glass had been broken, according to reports. They entered the building and discovered an office door had been forced open and a safe was broken into. Cash drawers had been removed from the safe and were scattered around the office, reports stated.

An employee arrived but could not determine how much money was missing.

Police responded about 2:56 a.m. April 24 to a store in the 2300 block of Stringtown after another alarm. They found a large window on the southeast corner of the building had been broken. The drawers under several display cases had been ransacked and several items were on the floor.

The key holder arrived and determined that items valued at $100 had been stolen, according to reports.

* A resident in the 3300 block of Broadway reported April 19 that a riding mower, push mower and snow blower she had left sitting outside overnight were missing when she came out that morning.

After she made her report, the woman's boyfriend went out looking for the missing items. While driving in the 3500 block of Third Avenue in Urbancrest, he saw the riding mower sitting inside of an fenced-in area at a residence. The woman told police she knew it was her mower because it had a zip tie and red bungee cord she had tied around the battery, according to reports.

A Grove City police officer contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Office to assist and respond to the Third Avenue home. The officer and a sheriff's deputy made contact with the homeowner who said her grandson had purchased the riding mower from a man earlier that day in her driveway and stored it in her backyard. She gave a description of the man who had sold the mower but said she only knew his first name.

The deputy contacted the grandson by phone and he confirmed he had purchased the mower from the man, and had a bill of sale, but also didn't know his last name.

The police officer checked the serial number, which matched the number of the stolen riding mower, reports stated.

A push mower matching the description of the one stolen from the woman was also observed, but the victim was not able to provide a serial number to confirm it was hers, according to reports.

The riding mower was returned to the victim.

* A Columbus woman reported she believes a man used a cellphone to take pictures of her April 19 while she was changing clothes in a fitting room at a store in the 4000 block of McDowell Road.

The woman said that while she was changing, she bent down to pick something off the floor and when she looked in the mirror, could see a male wearing brown boots standing in the fitting room next to hers.

The man was holding a cellphone close to the floor with the camera facing her fitting room, according to reports.

When she left the fitting room, the woman saw two males wearing brown boots in the store.

By the time police arrived, one of the men had already left, but the woman pointed out the other who was in the parking lot.

That male was a 17-year-old who showed his cellphone, which the woman said was not the one she saw.

According to reports, the woman described the suspect as a white male, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, with dark brown hair and facial hair. She said she saw him driving away in a silver car.