Flip Cancer Now wants people to soak up the sun -- but not too much -- and take precautions while doing it.

The local organization is holding its first cancer-prevention event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 12, at the Vue, 95 Liberty St. in Columbus' Brewery District.

"We want the sun to come out, but want to prepare for that and everything that comes with it," said Quinn Charney, director of corporate events for Vue, a special-events space.

Admission is $10 for adults and free for children 10 years old and younger.

Registration is encouraged at flipcancernow.org.

The event, which coincides with melanoma awareness month, will host speakers who will talk about prevention, proper sunscreen application and other tips, Charney said.

Several health professionals will be on hand, including Dr. Kristine Slam, who specializes in surgical oncology, and Dr. Darrell Gray, a gastroenterologist.

Charney said there will be a focus on younger people who often take their health for granted.

"A lot of people our age aren't even thinking about this," said Charney, 27.

Many of the vendors will offer samples and merchandise for sale.

FunGuy Farms, located in South Vienna, Ohio, will be bringing a food truck packed with healthy items, Charney said.

Yoga instructor and motivational speaker Julie Wilkes, owner of Seven Studios in Grandview Heights, will offer fitness classes.

Two chefs from the Caravan, a locally based traveling-food-demonstration show, will square off in a culinary competition and use audience members to help cook the dishes.

"It's a pretty wide array (of guests) but all focused on wellness," said Meg Sexton, spokeswoman for the event.

Both Flip Cancer Now and Vue were founded by husband and wife, Carl and Liz Seiley.

Carl Seiley said he established Flip in 2010 after his father died from esophageal cancer. Vue opened in 2013.

"The event is just a way to bring our mission to life and showcase what we do," Seiley said. "Our goal is cancer prevention awareness. This our platform to do that in our community."