Working quarries have been around for much of Grandview's history, because of the rich layers of stone in the region.

Stone from area quarries has been used in everything from stone slabs that became part of notable buildings, such as the Statehouse, to fences along roads such as Riverside Drive, to aggregate used in some of the first asphalt roads in the area.

The Marble Cliff Quarry on the west side of the community also used rock crushers, many built by the Jeffrey Mining Machinery Co. in Columbus, to process stone into uniform-sized gravel, stone and powder that was used in manufacturing and macadam road covering.

Some of the crushed-stone products were immediately loaded onto train cars for shipping to the customers; some was stored in piles to be shipped later.

This photo shows limestone being unloaded from a transport car using a quarry steam shovel.

The locomotive in the photo is the famous MCQ engine No. 10, a classic saddle tank engine.

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