A 34-year-old Westerville woman was arrested after allegedly assaulting a man and stealing his wallet.

According to reports, the woman recently had been released from prison, and went to the man's residence in the first block of Glenwood Avenue.

On the night of April 26, the woman reportedly became angry with the man and began yelling at him.

He claimed the woman attacked him, attempted to strangle him and broke a necklace around his neck, according to reports. Police reported they observed visible injuries, a necklace mark and a ripped shirt, and the man complained of a variety of injuries.

The woman claimed the man had attacked her, but police and paramedics on the scene found no signs of injury, reports stated.

As police were impounding the woman's vehicle, which had license plates that had been expired for a year, the man realized his wallet was gone. He said he had placed it on a table in the house before police arrived.

Eventually, the wallet was found in the woman's vehicle, reports stated.

When police attempted to arrest the woman, she reportedly resisted multiple times, requiring police to take her to the ground and handcuff her.

According to reports, she was arrested for assault, domestic violence and theft, and reports indicate police will request a fifth-degree felony indictment for theft of credit cards. She was transported to the Franklin County jail.

In other recent incident reports from the Westerville Division of Police:

* A 30-year-old Westerville man was arrested for possession of drug- abuse instruments after allegedly asking people for money inside of a business.

According to reports, the man had been issued a trespass warning and employees of the store in the first block of West Schrock Road called police when they saw him harassing customers just after midnight April 22. By the time police arrived, the man had left the store and was sitting in a vehicle outside.

Police approached the vehicle and called for a K-9 unit, which detected traces of narcotics in the vehicle, according to reports.

Police reported they found syringes, a burnt spoon with residue and other items indicating heroin use. Both the man and another occupant of the vehicle admitted to using heroin, and the man was charged with possession of drug-abuse instruments, reports stated.

* A 31-year-old Chillicothe man was arrested after allegedly stealing from a store in the first block of East Schrock Road on the afternoon of April 19. According to reports, the man had been arrested at the same store multiple times for theft, and had been issued a trespass warning.

Employees at the store reportedly watched the man walk out with nearly $800 in merchandise and called police.

Police eventually arrested the man, and determined he was wanted on a felony arrest warrant for theft out of Ross County.