The Delaware County engineer will eliminate an intersection along Sawmill Parkway this month, a road realignment more than a decade in the making.

The intersection at Bainbridge Mills Drive and Sawmill Parkway was permanently closed May 7. Bainbridge Mills Drive will be realigned to connect with Sawmill Road, said Rob Riley, the county’s chief deputy engineer.

Once the project is complete in late June, residents will be able to use Bainbridge Mills Drive to connect to Sawmill Road to exit the community. An existing traffic light at Bradford Court and Sawmill Parkway controls the intersection.

“By doing that, people will be able to use the light to turn left,” Riley said.

Sawmill Parkway will not close during construction.

Oncoming traffic on Sawmill Parkway often makes turning left out of the Bainbridge Mills subdivision a daunting task.

“We saw how difficult it is to turn out of that development,” Riley said. “We think it will be a lot safer for the residents trying to get in and out of their neighborhood and the safety of drivers on Sawmill Parkway.”

The road curves as it connects to Sawmill Parkway before becoming a “straight shot” through the neighborhood, said Chris Beck, a trustee with the Bainbridge Mills Homeowners Association.

“We’ve had lots of accidents at that bend,” Beck said. “This is something that the homeowners association has worked on for 13 years.”

Beck said the neighbors – especially those living closest to Sawmill Parkway – are grateful to Liberty Township and Delaware County for addressing the safety issue.

The project is expected to cost about $280,000 and is being paid for with a mix of funding from the township and county and a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission, Riley said.