If you ask your parents about food trucks back in the day, they might recall the old shiny-silver box trucks they probably referred to as roach coaches.

Every weekday, one would pull into the factory parking lot, and its trio of gates would swing open for you to grab a lunchmeat sandwich on stale white bread and a bottle of pop. Then you would hand the driver a Lincoln and wait for him to push the button on his change belt so you could enjoy the remaining 10 minutes of your break.

Food trucks have evolved – a lot. They’ve become gourmets on wheels.

So we brought in the experts to tell you about them.

This episode's panelists are:

• Michael Gallicchio, co-owner of the Columbus Food Truck Festival

• Chas Kaplan, co-owner of the Columbus Food Truck Festival and owner of ohiofoodtruckfinder.com

• Zach James, president of the Central Ohio Food Truck Association and sheriff of the Paddy Wagon food trucks

Which food truck do you visit on your day off?

• Mike's answer: Los Guachos

• Chas's answer: Try to visit food trucks near Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center

• Zach's answer: Experience new food trucks in the Columbus area

Other food trucks mentioned:

• The Cheesy Truck

• Pitabilities

• Los Guachos

• Taquitos

• Fetty's Street Food

• Sophie's Gourmet Pierogi

• Los Guachos

• Tupelo Donuts

• Paddy Wagon (mentioned by Michael Gallicchio)

• Red Snapper

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