The website for the Northland Community Council recently underwent a major overhaul, courtesy of NCC Secretary Alice Foeller.

Foeller, who became an officer with the council in March, is the CEO of SiteInSight, which develops websites for small businesses and organizations.

“This is what I do for a living,” she said of the website redesign.

The former website wasn’t exactly steam-powered, but ...

“The old website was put together in a well-meaning way by volunteers from a website builder that’s easy for people to learn,” Foeller said. “I thought, kind of for my own convenience, I would build in the platform that I’m used to. As long as I was doing that, I figured let’s make it look more contemporary and also make it so that it’s functional and easier to use on mobile devices. So many people access the internet by their phone.”

NCC President Alicia Ward is delighted with the new site.

“I think Alice did a fantastic job with it,” Ward said. “It’s very clean and easy to use.

“I really like it.”

So does Dave Paul, chairman of the NCC development committee, who was given credit “for his technical assistance with the transition” by Foeller.

“I’m very happy with it,” Paul said. “This also is sort of a consolidation. We, for a time, have had two separate web-hosting contracts.

“It’s going to save the council some money and make our operations a little more economical.”

In addition, Paul said people involved with member organizations will be able to post items to the site, something that had to be done by a volunteer in the past.

“I think it will be much more satisfying for readers because the information will be much more current,” he said. “We won’t be necessarily relying on one volunteer to keep the website up to date. Hopefully, it will get more traffic and folks will look at it as more of a resource.”

Ward agreed.

“I think it’s always important to have good representation of the organization and of the member organizations, and the new website is easy to use on mobile phones,” she said. “The old one was kind of clunky on mobile phones.”

“Hopefully, people might become more aware of the activities of the Northland Community Council,” Foeller said. “We do get a lot of inquiries through the website, for example from Realtors who are interested in finding out if the home they’re selling has a civic association.

“We provide a place for the civic associations to have a presence, to put up their mission statements and meeting schedule.

“That’s our image to developers,” she said. “What we want to see is people coming in with really great projects, not just try to shove some chain store in some strip mall. We want to be seeing improvements and developments that build the community.”

The upgraded website is at the same address: